Why We Blame Osinachi’s Families For Her Death

Osinachi Nwachukwu

Osinachi Nwachukwu’s church, families and friends all contributed to her death for not speaking out when it matters.

How come they all started speaking out now when it’s too late to save her life.

All the red flags were there, seen by all very close to her. But they all kept quiet, not speaking out before her death.

#speakoutbeforeithappens encourages anyone in a toxic relationship to speak out whether male or female.

Osinachi from every indication suffered until she eventually died. Her families and friends all knew this but kept quiet.

Worst of it all was the church preaching against divorce. I’m beginning to realize how many beautiful lives must have been cut short following the church preaching against divorce.

How do you advise a woman to remain in an abusive marriage? Just how?

Is it better to die or divorce?

Although Favour Made, elder sister of late Gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, has blamed the deceased’s husband for her death.

News of the death of the singer broke over the weekend, with different accounts of the incident.

While some persons claimed she died of throat cancer, others said she died as a result of domestic abuse by Peter Nwachukwu, her husband.

In an interview with Vanguard, the deceased’s sibling reportedly opened up on the cause of the gifted singer’s death.

“She did not die of cancer. The husband, Mr Peter Nwachukwu hit her with his leg on the chest. All this while, he has been beating her but my sister hides all that she was passing through from us,” Favour was quoted to have said.

“Before now, we have told her to come out of the marriage, we told her that they are not divorcing and that it’s just a separation. But she felt that God is against divorce.

“We told her that separation is not a sin but just for her to stay alive and take care of her children. She will always tell us to relax and that the man will change. So when the man kicked her in the chest, she fell down and he took her to the hospital but he did not even tell us.”

She added that they did not know about the latest incident until a friend of the late singer informed her twin sister.

“It was her friend who lives in Ebonyi state that called her twin sister because Osinachi has a twin sister, to ask, ‘did your Sister tell you that Peter hit her on the chest? the sister then told her no,” she said.

“It was the hitting on the chest that killed her. My brother had to ask the doctor what killed her and the doctor said that there were clusters of blood clots on her chest.

“Unfortunately, they did not tell the doctor that she was kicked in the chest because the doctor could have known what to do if he had an idea of what happened. Each time we talked to her, she will be pleading for peace and if we move to act, she will tell us no, that we should calm down.”

According to Favour, Osinachi and Peter met during one of her ministrations.

Their union produced four children.

Osinachi, who was a lead singer at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, shot into the limelight in 2017, with the hit “Ekwueme”, which featured another singer, Prospa Ochimana.

New reports have also alleged that late Osinachi Nwachukwu husband Peter Nwachukwu had a secret wife outside their marriage.

According to Vanguard, Nwachukwu wedded his other wife in a church but hid the union from Osinachi’s family.

The romance which began before Nwachukwu sought Osinachi’s hand in marriage was believed to have gone awry after the woman bore a child.

These facts was revealed when one of the children found an old picture hidden in his father’s room.

The kid said: One day, my father was away and forgot to lock up his room. So, I entered and a voice within told me to explore the room. Then, I saw the album and out of curiosity, I opened it and saw daddy’s old photographs. From the photos, I could see that my daddy lived a wayward life.

“So, I closed the album and kept it where daddy hid it. I couldn’t tell mummy or anyone because I was very afraid that daddy will kill me, if he found out that I knew about the photos. Mummy once tried to search for things like this (album) in daddy’s room, but could not find anything.”

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