BAGAIA To Develop Flight Data Network Analysis


The Banjul Accord Accident investigation Agency (BAGAIA) is working out modalities to empower member States with a USD $1.5 million integration of Flight Data Analysis Capability.

The purpose of the project is to also provide each state with a core analysis capability with the world-class Nigerian AIB existing FDR/CVR Safety lab as the central hub for expert technical support.

Disclosing the proposal, recently, BAGAIA Commissioner, Engineer Charles Irikefe Erhueh, while speaking as a guest of the Guinean Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in Conakry, said, it was important to establish an independent investigation body separate from Civil Aviation Authority in Guinea to investigate aircraft accidents.

Erhueh who was at Conakry to discuss the importance of the regional aircraft accident investigative body and steps taken to keep it thriving expressed optimism that Guinea will show interest just as Sierra Leone and others have done.

The Commissioner also called on the Guinea CAA to deepen the country’s membership of BAGAIA by meeting their obligations to the regional body, especially with regards clearing their outstanding subscription.

The Guinean Civil Aviation Authority Director General, Mr. Mamady Kaba, while welcoming the BAGAIA Commissioner to Conakry promised that am independent investigation agency would be established in a few months to come, being that the Act is in the final stage to see to it come to fruition.

He also said that Guinea would clear its outstanding once the Act is signed into law.

In his words “That the papers for the creation of the AIG was created 3 years ago and they are looking forward for it assent into law” that they are willing to clear of the outstanding when the Act is signed into law with the measure they will put in place.

The BAGAIA Commissioner was happy and assured the commitment of BAGAIA to member states in ensuring that the country is up to speed as aviation is global.

They further deliberated on issues involving who pays for Investigation when it is delegated to BAGAIA, and the commissioner in response stated that only logistics will be handled by the state of occurrence since they are contributing their quota as enshrined in the Agreement.

He went further to say that there are so many values to tap or gain from BAGAIA activities with offerings of trainings and assistance in USOAP activities and collaboration with other states as the case may be.

On the proposal for Flight Data Analysis Capability for Member States as highlighted in the commissioner’s presentation, the proposal once it reaches fruition will provide each State with a core Flight Data Analysis capability with the world-class Nigerian AIB existing FDR/CVR Safety lab as the central hub for expert technical support
According to the presentation each BAGAIA States are to receive: Laptop/workstation with Flight Data Analysis Software, Audio Analysis Software, Flight Animation Software

He stated that the laptop provides field capability to participate with the State of Occurrence Centrally coordinated contract from BAGAIA with each State contributing; expand on existing FDR/CVR lab in Abuja with Satellite capabilities.

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