Revealed Why Ghanaian Pastor Ofori Killed His Wife

Pastor Ofori and late wife

Pastor Sylvester Ofori, of Floodgates of Heaven located at Coburn Avenue, Orlando, killed his wife for alleged fear of losing everything, after she started divorce proceedings against him.

The family of late Barbara Tommey, 27, who was allegedly murdered in the US by her husband Pastor Sylvester Ofori has announced she will be buried on September 26.

Recall that Ofori, a Ghanaian, shot his wife seven times on September 8 in front of her office in the US city of Orlando, Florida, according to the police.

Sister to the deceased Sophia Tommey revealed that Ofori killed his wife because she started divorce proceedings against him.

Speaking in Twii language during a radio show on Accra-based Hitz FM, Sophia said Barbara moved out of her matrimonial home three months ago because she and her husband were no longer in agreement.

Ofori, 35, is the pastor of Floodgates of Heaven located at Coburn Avenue, Orlando.

He is currently in police custody on charge of first-degree murder after CCTV cameras caught him in the act.

According to Orlando Court records, Ofori was arrested in 2016 after a fight between him and his wife.

Sophia said Ofori killed her sister because he knew he would lose everything if the divorce process is completed.

Mainwhile a video had gone viral days after the shooting showing Ofori threatening to kill Barbara.

Ofori held Kweku Perry, the deceased’s brother, by the neck and said: “If I don’t kill your sister then I am fake”.

He had also made posts on Facebook with harsh tones during the divorce process.

Friends and family members of the late Barbara had advised her to report the death threats but she refused on the grounds that she feared he would be deported.

The family said an early burial would help them get over the pain.

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