Does Dino Malaye Need These 200 Pieces Of Wrists Watches? (Video)

Dino Malaye 200 wrist watches

How can a man own up to 200 expensive pieces of wrist watches? How many does he wear daily? Well Senator Dino Malaye in a viral video shows off his 200 watches, shoes, cars and many more.

Journalist, Dele Momodu, took a tour of Senator Dino Melaye’s Abuja home recently and shared the video online.

Dino during the shoot, took Momodu on a tour of his palatial Abuja home, proudly showing off his expensive wristwatches, shoes, perfumes, cars, kitchen, artworks, dining table, and a lot more.

But how was Dino Malaye able to acquire all these in a short while as a Senator, one may be wondering.

Recall that in 2018 senator shehu sani of the APC, who was on his way out revealed that each senator went home with #13.5m every month as running cost.

All a senator needed to do according to him was to file claims at the end of every month and his account will be credited with 13.5m, just like that.

The money is separate from the salary and some other hidden benefits. So, by ones calculation, a Nigerian senator pockets a ‘token’ N648m in 4 years, outside his salary.

When they leave at the end of four years, they are also entitled to severance package which is in millions of naira.

Don’t forget that they also do oversight duties and collect allowances. This is besides ‘field allowances’ from agencies.

Don’t also forget that they ‘earn’ money during budget defence.

A Nigerian lawmaker sits on money hence the salary of a senator may be bigger than the annual budget of ones local government area.

It wasn’t surprising to see Melaye at the Vanity Fair.

The young man looks confused what to do with money. There’re many Melaye lawmakers out there but they have the decency of not displaying idle pleasures.

On the video clip, he couldn’t tell immediately which of the wrist watches is his favourite. He had to rack his brain before coming up with a reply.

That he had the face to let the world into his idle pleasure room is very unfortunate. He should have had decency at the back of his mind.

There are so many Dinos out there but the difference between THEM and HIM is that they don’t display what they have which they don’t need, in the first instance.

Does he really need all these expensive wrist watches, posh cars, and those mansions in Abuja and lokoja?

While in his neighbourhood, one of those items can pay the school and exam fees of over 50 pupils with some change still remaining.

Dino think about this.

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