Daddy Freeze Reacts To Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Threats To Kill Him(Video)

Daddy Freeze Reacts To Pastor Ibiyeomie's Threats To Kill Him

Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze, has finally reacted to the trending video of Pastor David Ibiyeomie in which he slammed him for countering the words of Bishop Oyedepo concerning submission in marriage.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie in a viral video slammed Daddy Freeze for tackling Bishop Oyedepo’s remarks on submission in marriage

Reacting to this, Daddy Freeze released a video addressing everything the man of God said about him including the threat to his life and calling him a bastard

The media personality also demanded an apology and asked the public to hold Ibiyeomie responsible should anything happen to him

Ibiyeomie called Freeze a bastard, claiming he is a Somalian and a half-cast. According to him, the next time Freeze tried to insult his ‘father’ (Oyedepo), he would kill or have him arrested.

Freeze in a 10-minute YouTube video, addressed Ibiyeomie’s damning remarks, pointing out that if anything happens to his life, the man of God should be held responsible.

“Correcting scripturally is not an insult. Christ was criticised, Paul was criticised, Peter was criticised, even the Pharisees were criticised, so there is no way you are going to preach a message from the scripture that you will not get criticism.

I found it very devastating that just to get at me, Pastor Ibiyeomie, would drag the whole Somali nation, I am very proud to associate with Somalians because they are very beautiful people. Beautiful African people like you and I.

It is hate speech to undermine them with derogatory words ‘Is he not just a Somalian? To all my fans and followers in Somalia, I love you all and proud to be associated with you, even though by birth I am not a Somalian; my mum is European, my father is Yoruba.”

Freeze in the video drew the attention of the public and the law enforcement to the threat of life that was issued to him in that video, pointing out that the pastor’s threat to his life is a criminal offence and let it be on the record that Ibiyeomie threatened his life.

He continued: “Is this how Nigeria is going to accept this? if anything happens to me, I hope you know who to hold responsible? This has been on social media space for the past 24 hours now, I am yet to hear anything from the police, what happened to our laws on hate speech, racism, discriminatory statements, threat to life which is actually criminal? ”

Daddy Freeze added: “You said you will finish me, to my understanding, that is another Criminal offence, and if anything happens to me, I am speaking to the public, to the police and the world at large, should anything happens to me, whatsoever, I want you to know who to hold responsible.

“Everyday we shout for freedom of speech, how can our dreams be shattered with threats of death from the ones we expect to guide our spiritual lives?

Even with a gun to my head, I will continue to preach the word of God and debunk errors with the Scriptures.”

Daddy Freeze described Ibiyeomie as a racist for calling him half-cast and demanded an apology.

“Are you aware that the word ‘half cast’ is racism? The world is fighting against racism and it brings tears to my eyes that a black man will refer to a fellow black man at a time people are crying that ‘black lives matters,’ as a half cast.

Hate speech is criminal, it is derogatory and I ask that you should apologise for it,” he said.

He continued: “You say I am not my father’s son, I put it to you to prove who my real father is because with that verbal construct, you have insulted the integrity of my mother who is a professor of law.

Pastor Ibiyome, do you honestly believe that the tenets of Christianity were upheld in that video? Do you believe that as a pastor behind the pulpit, you show the likeness of Christ in your utterances in that video? Is what you did in line with Christianity and scriptures?”

Watch video below:

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