Police Extort 10k From Lady In Ibadan, Claiming She Wasn’t Properly Dressed

Omowunmi arrested in this clothes for not properly dressed

A Police officer, identified as Elijah Oyewale and his colleagues, illegally arrested a lady in Ibadan to extort money from her, with reasons that she was not dressing properly.

According to miss Omowunmi, this happened on the 14th of July 2020 around 4PM, as she was illegally arrested and 10,000 extorted from her with a reason that she wasn’t properly dressed.

According to reports, she was arrested at New Akala Express Way, in front of Taska Filling station in Ibadan.

While the lady was waiting to enter an Uber taxi she ordered for, police officers nearby started shouting and raising their gun that what she was wearing was bad.

They bundled her inside their vehicle & started threatening her before driving off with her.

The officers later demanded N20,000 from her forcefully so as to release her but at last she was forced to transfer N10,000 to one of the officer’s Union Bank account number 0079326615.

After making the transfer, she was told to get out of their vehicle.

Omowunmi, couldn’t bear the humiliation and emotional trauma she suffered in the hands of the policemen, hence she took the matter to social media for justice.

However, the likes of Segalink and RuggedMan came to her aide and the matter was forwarded to the police authorities.

The lady was finally given her money back through DPO Oriya Challenge Ibadan and the police officer, Elijah Oyewale, is said to be under investigation.

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