Naval Officer Cries Out In Viral Video Over Maltreatment In Jos

Naval Officer Seaman Haruna Goshit

A Naval Officer Seaman Haruna Goshit, serving in the Nigeria Navy, has cried out in a viral video over maltreatment from his boss, in Jos, the plateau state capital.

According to Haruna who was assigned as an orderly to one rear Admiral I.O Mohammed, narrated his terrible ordeal which includes sweeping his house, accompanying his kids to night clubs, and even paying for goods from his own account many times.

He also claimed that Mohammed punished him constantly over petty things.

He said he once told him to hug a tree infested with soldier ants. He explained that it was a painful experience because the soldier ants kept biting him while he served the punishment, and his boss videoing.

He however claimed he has reported to the navy authority multiple times but they didn’t take action. He added that he was told that they can’t do anything because Mohammed is a senior officer.

watch below

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