How Bike Man Almost Killed Himself On Sighting Policemen In Ejigbo Lagos: Eye Witness


Unidentified bike man who almost lost his life in an accident with damaged skull and face is blaming the Ejigbo police in Lagos, for causing the accident, while chasing him to seize his bike.

However, according to Christopher Ilo who claimed to be a witness to the incident along Coker road, narrated that the bike man wasn’t been chased, but rather, the young bike man on sighting the Policemen in their vehicle tried to escape their advancement, and with top speed, and on turning back he ran into a Cobbler’s shoe glass shop, which injured him on the head and face.

What they claimed in the social media is all lies.

Police did not even pursue him, they were going on their own but I guess he was scared on seeing them and he made a u-turn and ran into the show glass breaking the glass.

Even the owner of the show glass shop immediately seized his motorcycle that he wont release it until he repairs his show glass.

The accident happened along Alhaji OBE-Coker road yesterday.

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