RCCG Pastor Humiliated In Akure While Attempting To Sleep With A Married Woman

Pastor Bakare

A pastor identified as pastor Olusola Bakare with the Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG ZONE 6 Akure, was disgraced and humiliated after been caught attempting to sleep with a married woman, right inside the husband’s house.

The woman played along and allowed the pastor to undress completely before opening the door for her husband and others to come in to disgrace and humiliate him.

The pastor who was videoed completely nakad, was seen on his kneels begging for forgiveness.

This is indeed a great lesson to other men in sheep’s clothing like fake Pastor Bakare.

However the video has sparked mixed reactions with many doubting its authenticity especially as it is an RCCG Pastor that is allegedly involved.

Interestingly, information reveal that the Pastor Olusola is indeed guilty as charged and has done so with many of his female church members at his Gideon parish located at Ijoka road, Akure.

A victim wrote:

“…I thought he had changed after I quit the church because of him years ago but seeing the viral video made me disappointed” the source revealed.

Going down memory lane, our source who was a chorister in the RCCG church disclosed that she had to quit the RCCG church in 2011 because of the sexual advances he kept throwing at her.

“He has a very beautiful and successful woman from Ekiti and they have a daughter, yet still womanizes alot….I can’t believe RCCG still let him be a pastor after reporting him then to the church’s higher authorities…..”

Another source who has chosen to remain anonymous further confirmed that his wife is aware of his dirty and shameful habit of sleeping with the female members including married ones.

“When he won’t stop disturbing me, sending me awkward messages, my parents and i decided to set him up but the case was settled amicably then in 2011 after his wife came to our house to apologize.

I decided to let it go but he was still making moves after and so my parents and I quit RCCG and now 9 years after I am shocked to find out that RCCG took no action on the report sent out on him then to the headquarters.”

“It’s not his first and am sure that’s why those people made the video and release it..Anybody could sleep with another body based on mutual agreement But you carry a title you should respect and should avoid engaging in things like this but no Pastor Bakare has been in the business for a long time…

This has made me lose hopes in all pastors, I’d rather communicate with my God on my own”

On why she is speaking out, our source said “Pastors like this should be exposed to stop leading people to hell.”

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