Why I Poisoned My Four Kids To Death: Beatrice Kimotho

Beatrice Mwende Kimotho

A mother of six identified as Beatrice Mwende Kimotho who has been arrested by the police in Naivasha, Kenya, allegedly poisoned four of her children to death, depressed and going through financial difficulties.

The children who were between the ages of 2 and 8 years were locked up in the house before their mother gave them the poison in Kabati Estate.

According to K2TV, the police in Naivasha received a distress call from the brother of the suspect identified as Jackson Kimani Kimotho who revealed that her sister has asked him to check on the children who she has already killed at home.

Jackson disclosed that his sister shared a photo of the lifeless kids in their family’s WhatsApp group asking for prayers.

Upon the police’s arrival at the scene, the four children were found dead in the apartment with vomits and blood in their mouths.

According to the Commander of the Naivasha Sub-County Police, Samuel Waweru, the culprit has been arrested and also said; “The accused first told her friend that her children were admitted to the Naivasha Sub-County hospital with chest pains before confessing a few hours later that she had killed them.”

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