LAAC Webinar: Aviation Industry Changing Times, And Strategies


Nigeria’s Aviation Industry no doubt has Changed times, as well as Changed Strategies following Covid-19 pandemic.

Top industry players in changing with time, brainstormed on the impact and what needs to be done to ensure the industry which is the worst hit do not collapse, especially under the strain of total lockdown.

Stalkholders during the League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) Webinar Held on Thursday, June 18, 2020, came up with many resolutions to better the industry as well as stabilize after COVID-19.

Some of the resolutions reached includes:

FAAN and NCAA to ensure total safety of passengers and airport users once the industry is re-opened.

Air travellers to procure their tickets online to reduce human contacts at airports.

NCAA and FAAN to ensure appropriate spacing at airports for passengers and other users, especially during peak period.

FAAN management to device a means of reducing contacts between its personnel and air travellers in order to minimize the risk of contacting Covid-19 virus at the airport

All the different check points – for passport, narcotics, currency and others should be harmonized and collapsed into three at an airport.

Airlines should also show their level of readiness towards resumption of flight services

Government agencies and airlines were advised to test run their facilities before the airports are reopened.

Stakeholders especially government agencies, ground handlers and airlines should think out of the box re-jig and adjust with the current situation so as to remain relevant

There is need for every business to review its processes and operations
Organizations should invest in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in order to reduce passenger facilitation and boarding.

Annex 9 of the ICAO standard and recommended practices recommends only 30 minutes.

The agencies; FAAN, NCAA, NAMA, NCAT and others should start to think of how they can support businesses so that they can become stabilized post Covid-19 era
Bailout for organizations in the industry i.e. airlines, agencies, ground handlers, catering is required to kick-start businesses in the sector.

The Nigeria aviation industry needs flexible ‘slot’ system in order to accommodate the interest of every stakeholder.

Airlines and other stakeholders should manage uncertainties in order to stay resilient and reduce job losses

Indigenous airlines should take advantage of domestic cargo in order to recoup losses

There should be deliberate efforts aimed at increasing the nation’s exports by air especially in agriculture, not just in oil and gas

There is need to reduce the number of staff on duty in order to reduce possibility of personnel contracting Covid-19 at work.

Airlines should embrace code share, ticket transfer, interlining, local BSP

Federal Government should provide single digit loans and Forex for the airlines to cushion operational cost.

Palliatives or bailout for airlines and other organizations should be to support staff salaries, whose means of livelihood is presently at risk.

Civil servants in the system should encourage business growth and consider investors as partners in progress.

Plan to leave the middle seats empty will not encourage business growth, will encourage rise in the price of air tickets and reduce potential air travellers.

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