George Floyd Was A Drug Addict, Criminal: Candace Owens

Candace Owens

George Floyd was a drug addict and criminal but the media are trying to hide it so as to project a heroic painting.

Candace Owens, Right-wing commentator has dredged up George Floyd’s criminal past to declare he “was not an amazing person” in a live video that has caused outrage.

“I am going to reveal the bad side of George Floyd that the media has censored, so as for the world not to see. I will give you proof and show that they are valid and relevant”,

Candance Owens reveals that the video where George Floyd was allegedly killed by some police officers had been reviewed in order to remove some objectionable content so as to project George Floyd as a really good person.

The scene where George dropped a white baggie which allegedly contains cocaine has been censored off from the version of George’s video that went viral on the social media for people to see.

According to Owens, the killing of George is absolutely unjust but the truth is that George was really a bad person.

According to Candace Owens, in the original version of the video, Candace Owens says that George Floyd was allegedly on drugs the day he was murdered because he was not sober when he was arrested and beyond that it is also evident in the video that when he was leaning against the wall, he dropped a substance in a white baggie, which could possibly be cocaine but the media has tried to censor it. He probably has a hard drug on him or he was using a counterfeit pill.

He has so many criminal records that the media are also trying so hard to remove from the internet so as to paint him as a martyr or a hero.

According to some facts that Candace has gathered, in 1998, George Floyd was arrested for theft and he spent 10 months in prison. 4 years later, in 2002, he was arrested again for a cocaine offense (Drug Offense) and was jailed for 8 month. Again in 2004, George Floyd was re-arrested for drug offense again and a year after, in 2005, he was arrested for Cocaine for 10 months.

The worst crime that George committed which the media are not talking about was in 2009. George Floyd and his 5-men Gang attacked a pregnant woman under the guise of Water workers. The woman opened her door and let them in but George pointed a gun on her belly and threatened to shoot her and her baby if she screams or refuses to cooperate. George and his gang ransacked the woman’s house and took all the valuables in her house. Fortunately, a neighbor grabbed his number plate and reported to the 911. They arrested George on the way and he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in 2009.

This woman is somewhere around the world watching how people are supporting and praising the criminal who broke into his house and threatened to kill her and her unborn baby.

Candace reveals that she thought George would have changed over the years until the official autopsy report shows that he was on drug the day he was killed; he was high on fentanyl that day. “He is not on the right track. People on the right track do not do fentanyl” Candace Owens reports.

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