Why Joe Biden Called President Trump An Absolute Fool

Joe Biden and president Trump

Joe Biden in an interview called President Trump “an absolute fool” for making fun at him for wearing a mask at a Memorial Day service Monday.

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, the former veep was asked about Trump’s retweet of a Fox News commentator making fun of Biden’s decision to wear a mask at a service while he went without one.

“He’s a fool, an absolute fool to talk that way,” Biden, 77, said in his first face-to-face interview since the coronavirus pandemic upended his presidential campaign.

“I mean, every leading doctor in the world is saying we should wear a mask when you’re in a crowd, especially when you know you’re going to be in a position when you’re going to get inadvertently closer than 12-feet to somebody,” he said.

Biden went on to accuse the Republican president of “stoking deaths.”

“It just costs people’s lives. It’s cost peoples lives and we’re almost 100,000 dead today. 100,000 people,” he said, calling the death toll “a tragedy.”

Bash asked the Democratic hopeful if he thought wearing a mask projected strength or weakness, to which Biden responded “leadership.”

“What it presents and projects is leadership. Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine,” he said.

Source: AP

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