No Justification For Killing Your Child Nigerians Tell 22-Year-Old Lady Who Drowned Her Baby (video)

Oluwafunmilola Adisa

No justification for killing your child, as reactions continued to trail the 22-year-old lady who drowned her one-year-old baby in Lagos, with several others calling for a medical check up on her.

Oluwafunmilola Adisa, without remorse, gave reasons for killing her daughter In a video interview with Punch, Adisa gave a vivid description of how she drowned the little girl and reported herself to the police on May 11.

She lives with her older sister in Gowon estate in Lagos.

Although some Nigerians reacting said she appears to be unremorseful and quite flippant about her decision. This is a murderer with mental issue. If she were truly ashamed but her sanity was intact, she’d have given her up for adoption. She doesn’t look normal and should be sectioned.

This is so sad! Someone needed to step in and collect that child from her. Even now, the lady needs to be protected from her own self! She has already given up on life! Once anyone reaches that point, they become a harm to themselves and to everyone around them!

She did sound cold and very calculating. Initially I was feeling for her and the innocent child thinking she may be suffering from post natal depression. However, after seeing this video, I think she is cold hearted and should rot in hell.

I believe that she needed some time and space to grieve the loss of her dreams. Without anyone helping her with the child, she didn’t have the opportunity to grieve the loss of the life that she once had. Eventually, the unresolved grief tortured and consumed her! She was just so badly overwhelmed with emotions. I feel so sorry for her and so so sorry for her baby girl!

Being a single parent is difficult, at any age!

This is a practica display of depression lead to mental illness you think she knows what she’s doing or understand the gravity of her actions

It’s true she definitely is sick upstairs, seriously!!! I but then it’s really a spiritual issue! If you know, you know.

Is it just me, or is she mad??? What’s wrong with her??? No regret whatsoever

No justification for your action. Rot in Jail; for you taketh a live that you can not create. Yoruba Elders should advise their Youths to slow down on Promiscuity.

Anonymous about 6 days ago
Don’t display your madness for all to see you dingbat

Your dead mother was actually a whore, you idiot

Pls sentence her by hanging…. she is very sick

Terrible heartless bitch…what punishment is appropriate for this demon?

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