We Demand An Apology From NCDC For Recording 10 COVID-19 Cases Instead Of 2 :Zamfara State Govt

Zamfara Governor

Zamfara government says there is an error in the number of new COVID-19 cases announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for the state on Monday.

The NCDC in its release on new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria, stated that Zamfara had 10 new cases.

However, in an interview with NAN, Alhaji Yahaya Kanoma, the state Commissioner of Health said the state has asked the agency to rectify the error and also tender an apology.

“We were shocked and bewildered by this latest figure from the NCDC which said 10 new cases were confirmed when we know it was only two.

Our records have shown that when results from the center returned, we had a total of 76 cases made up of 45 discharged persons, 26 in isolation and five dead, so we didn’t know where NCDC got the additional eight.

We approached the center which could not give a convincing explanation, and so we demanded a written apology which they promised to send as well as withdraw the media publicity that we had 10 new cases,” the commissioner said

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