CCTV Captures Armed Robbers As They Invade A Home In Abuja (Video, Photos)

Armed robbers

The moment a CCTV camera captured almost eight to ten armed robbers who invaded a home at night in Abuja.

Reacting, some Nigerian feel that in a sane country, these guys should be nabbed in less than 5 hours. Apart from the camera, their fingerprints are all over the place. Sometimes i wonder why we submit finger prints for bvn and sim pack registration and still cant retrieve prints easily at crime scenes. Everything for this country na failure.

Xcelinteriors said
Animals. In a sane country, their fingerprint and blood will be use to fish them out but we are in Nigeria sad

humilitypays said
Nigerians and economising things, even their security.

When they want to install a CVTV camera for a Nigerian, when the technician tells them sir we have HD camera for NGN150,000 and we have normal camera for NGN40,000 the Nigerian man will say use the normal camera na the same work them go do, but when you watch footage from a Nigerian CVTV camera later, you will think you are watching 1994 FIFA World Cup on your black and white TV where you use jersey number and hair style to guess which player belongs to your country team angry

If you must install a CVTV camera in your house or office, please go for the quality cameras for your own safety!!

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