Vera Wang: 70-Year-Old Designer Who Looks 16 Reveals Secret

Vera Wang, a 70-year-old designer

Vera Wang is a 70-year-old designer, who proudly looks like a 16-year-old has revealed the secret to her looking young with toned, straight legs.

Wang has had a lot of social media users astonished with her evergreen beauty and impressively fit body.

The septuagenarian is known for occasionally sharing stylish photos of herself on social media leaving her followers to dazzle over her perfectly toned, straight legs.

In a recent interview, the iconic designer spoke on how she developed such a great body and her sense of fashion and style.

“I work out most days, And of course, I have a hardcore fashion group, and me having my lifelong obsession with leggings, I had the opportunity to actually ‘play’ with clothes, something even a fashion designer rarely has the luxury of doing.”, Vera said

Though Vera is notable for iconic bridal gowns creations, it turns out the fashion designer can rock anything stylish without any so much effort.

In a recent video, the fashion icon wowed her fans as she was spotted exhibiting some dance moves.

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