Was Nollywood Actress Angela Okorie Really Attacked?

Nollywood Actress Angela Okorie

Reactions are trailing the alleged attack on Nollywood actress Angela Okorie, whose video is trending on social media where she claimed assassins shot at her car for 30 minutes and ten bullets removed from her head, with two close to her eyes.

While many on social media are praying for her quick recovery, others are debunking the claims of the actress, asking if she was really attacked or she exaggerated the attack.

Its became more messy when famous Instagram blogger identified as Gist Merchant took to their platform to blast the actress for claiming she was attacked by persons she believed were hired assassins.

Angela Okorie claimed she was attacked by gunmen in the early hours of Saturday December 14th.

While narrating the incident, she stated that the gunmen shot at her for more than 30 minutes and it was by the grace of God that she is alive today. She also revealed that 2 bullets were removed close to her eyes.

Reacting to Angela Okorie’s recent attack, the blogger, GistMerchant wrote;

“You think doing live video to show us badly made up bruises will make everything true? If you were shot and got those wound on the 12th of December which is three day ago as you claim, you will not even be able to turn around your head without difficulty and that dried thing you were tapping at the side of your head in the video, is that supposed to be a 3-day old wound?

This crazy lady think everybody is stupid or something.

Bullets were removed from your head and your head is not wrapped up in bandages to protect and keep swelling down. Fool”

Reacting to claims by some trolls that she made up her recent attack and injury. She Posted a video of her injured face shortly after the attack.

Its a heartbreaking picture of the injury on her body, wishing those who claim that she fake the attacked the same fate.

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