How To Generate Tax Identification Numbers (TIN)

Tax Identification Numbers TIN

Most people run businesses without having Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) which is made readily available by the government FOR FREE. People are daily advised not to pay for TIN. Also there are no age limits in having TIN as teenagers are obliged to pay Tax if they receive income from a company.

The only exemptions are on certain thresholds of income.

How do you know your TIN?

Contrary to beliefs, YOU DO NOT REGISTER FOR IT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR BVN. Your BVN was used to generate your TIN for INDIVIDUALS.

IF YOU’RE A REGISTERED BUSINESS, then your TIN was generated using your Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration number.

Simply click this link to know your TIN.

INDIVIDUALS are required to enter their Date of Birth, BVN or phone number registered to their BVN.

BUSINESSES are required to enter their CAC registration number.

And just like that, you’d see your TIN.

After seeing your TIN, use the box beside the ‘send email’ button to send BOTH YOUR TIN AND YOUR TIN CERTIFICATE for safe keeping to the valid email address you will enter into that box.

Then click on PRINT, and your TIN certificate will be generated in a PDF format for download.

That certificate, you will download and print to be shown on demand.

Hope this was helpful.

Be careful about where you print your TIN.

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