Azman Air Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Started Fire In The Toilet

Azman plane

An unidentified lady has been arrested after she started a fire mid air inside the toilet of an Azman plane from Lagos to Abuja.

The Azman airline aircraft had to make an emergency landing to avert a tragedy.

According to Payporte’s CEO, Eyo Bassey, who was one of the passengers on the flight, the pilot had been notified, before takeoff, that a fellow passenger was burning incense in the plane, but the report was disregarded.

However, few minutes after takeoff, the toilet of the aircraft was engulfed by fire from what the lady was burning and there was pandemonium onboard.

The flight was immediately aborted and the pilot had to turn back to Lagos.

Upon landing, the lady was arrested and the passengers also demanded the arrest of the pilot for ignoring the initial report made by other passengers.

According to Mr. Bassey: “Life should be taken more seriously.

Why insist on flying a security compromised aircraft?

We landed seven minutes after takeoff. And we were greeted by an ambulance and fire service trucks.”

Azman air, however, confirmed this story to be false.

The airline made a public announcement via its twitter handle, confirming the incident to be false.

In a documentary they uploaded on twitter handle they wrote;

Fire in our aircraft, operating #Lagos to #Abuja is false!

There was an air return on the same ground but the aircraft was thoroughly checked by AIB and they confirmed it was a false alarm thereby declaring the aircraft fit and safe to fly.

We operated the same airline to #Abuja and returned to #Lagos immediately after.

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