Why I kill Ladies: Port Harcourt Serial Killer Opens Up

Gracious David West

Gracious David West, the 26 years old man, behind the series of ladies killed in Port Harcourt hotels, has opened up to the police shocking details of his murderous acts.

David West, said to be an ex-militant, allegedly confessed to have killed five women in similar manner in Imo State and seven in Port Harcourt City.

Recalled he was declared wanted by the police on Wedneaday after a Close Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) footage showed he had booked into a hotel with a young woman who was found dead

West, it was gathered, told detectives that he was under a curse from his community and it was responsible for his actions.

Narrating how he strangled his victims, he said: “We were inside the club then we discussed on how much I will pay her.

After that we left the club to the hotel at Osas Road. When we got there, they took her up and I said let me look for a way to arrange for food that we will both eat.

“After eating, we slept till the next morning around 5:30am. I brought out a knife. She was unaware there was a knife. So, I told her not to shout that if she does I will use the knife on her.

“Out of fear she kept quite. During that time the television volume was loud. Then I used the wrapper to tie her hands her legs from the back and strangled her with pillow case.”

Confirming his arrest through their official Twitter handle, the police said the suspect was a member of the Degbam cult group, adding that he had made useful statements.

“Investigation is on with a view to ascertaining his possible accomplices.

The Commissioner of Police Rivers State, Mustapha Dandaura in a briefing with the media got more from the serial killer, Gracious David West, who made more confessions, revealing more names.


“I was a committed member of the Deygbam Confranternity which I later denounced and joined the OPM Rehabilitation home before I left for Salvation ministries who refused to give me an accommodation.”

“I have made lots of money from robbing my victims of their valuables, such as phones, jewellery which I sell them after killing the ladies, few times they had raw cash on them, I make them give me their ATM pin, with which I withdraw cash from after killing them.”

“Whenever I need blood I enter the road looking for girls willing to accept cash for short time with me, I offer 100k to 200k to persuade them.

Sometimes I call them much later to try my luck some will accept to follow me.”

Police statement

It was easier to trap him because of the repeated cloths, he pays the hotels to launder it for him, when it is returned, he proceeds to kill the girls while tying towel, before changing to his clothes and leaving.

In the case of the girl found in the wardrobe, he killed her before his clothes were returned, that is why he hid her body in the wardrobe for fear of room service seeing the corpse. The one he hid under the bed at Owerri, he hid her under the bed because room service was due for cleanup any minute.

His homelessness frustrated him alot so he lives from hotel to hotel, state to state.

He has given us names, the names which will be trail from today, releasing such sensitive information will not help the investigation.

He made use of the pillow cases as he threatens the girls with the knife to cooperate, that he wants to tie them up, rob them and leave. They comply, and allows them tie them up, their hands, legs and mouth, while the TV volume is high. After restraining them and getting their pin, he proceeds to kill them by using the 4th torn bedsheet to stangle them.

Actually he killed all the girls and described in details how he killed each of them. He will be taken round town to confirm the hotels he stayed in as he has forgotten most of the names.

The other suspects in custody were arrested before they arrested him, and he confessed.

The various hotels that dumped bodies of the victims far away from their hotels such as Odili road and Waterlines, will be brought to book.

Henceforth the police has mandated hotel owners to instal CCTV cameras and carefully do a thorough checks of room because in some of the hotels he lodged, he confessed to the receptionists not asking for identification, and instead money to process the lease of the room.

He was caught with the phone of the last victim on him as well as her money. He was running to Uyo and was accosted in an AKTC vehicle along East West road, when the CP sent out an SOS based on the CCTV footage released by the hotel. And he was wearing the same outfit he wore on the CCTV camera”

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