Whistle-Blower Reveals Foreign Currency Hidden In Abuja’s Aso Drive


A Whistle-Blower has revealed a huge amount of money, believed to be proceeds of corruption, hidden in an apartment in Aso Drive Abuja.

The whistle-blower who pleaded anonymity said the money, mostly in foreign currencies, was perfectly kept in cartons of bottled water, possibly for covert operations

“Last week, we ran into high-profile personalities, who made arrangements on how to move a huge amount of money in Dollars. The money was perfectly and neatly arranged in cartons of bottled water.

“The money is in a location in Aso Drive as at last week, before they made another arrangement to move it to another location.

“We are saying this, because we pray the whole world would be interested to know about it.

“At a point when the Muhammadu Buhari led government is tirelessly working to unravel the culprits found wanting, most especially in corrupt practices, some people are still making their end meet in money laundering.

“This is a good story that we hope Nigerians should know, if you the journalist can conduct a well-researched story,” said the whistle-blower who prayed to remain anonymous.

However, following this tip-up, this newspaper has since sent out a coterie of its investigative reporters to the possible location where the money might have been taken to.

Details later…


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