Wadume, Notorious Kingpin Calls For Prayers From Hideout

Wadume the notorious kingpin

Alhaji Hamisu Bala, aka Wadume, the notorious kidnapper who was released, leading to the death of three policemen and a civilian is allegedly Calling for prayers from hideout.

A source privy to the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the recent killing of three police officers and one civilian in Taraba State, and the escape of Wadume after his arrest by the deceased officers, said that the suspected kidnapper called someone on the phone, asking for prayers.

Also according to the source, the panel set up by the Defence Headquarters to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incidents has extended its sitting in the state from three days to two weeks.

The senior aide to a stakeholder in the ongoing investigation, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the panel had vowed to be professional in the conduct of its job.

He said, “The panel assured that it would do its work professionally and that the public would be surprised by the shocking revelations that would follow after interrogating those involved in Wadume’s network.”

He also disclosed that Wadume had two days after he fled Ibi town called a resident to ask for prayers.

“He called a resident close to my house and told him in Hausa, ‘Ku i mana Adua,’ meaning, ‘you people should pray for me’.

“And since then, he has not called again. The person he called and all his boys and relations are all on the run.

“I’m sure they are being tracked because after the person who received a call from Hamisu (Wadume) fled, a police team visited the house.

“For me, I have for long questioned the source of wealth of Alhaji Hamisu (Wadume). Though we had not heard about his alleged criminal activities, every sane mind found his sudden wealth questionable.”

The source noted that as difficult as things were in the state, Wadume spent money freely.

“I have not seen anybody in Taraba who spends money like Hamisu (Wadume). So, I totally agree with the criminal allegations against him.”

The aide added that several arrests in connection with the incident had been made by security agencies investigating the matter.

According to him, the panel had while in Ibi urged those who had connection to the incident to stop running, but return home and assist the team with information about the incident.

The panel had during a visit to Governor Darius Ishaku on Wednesday announced that it would be in the state for three days, but has extended its sitting due to the magnitude of work on the ground, as noted by the source.

Source: PUNCH.

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