Man Who Sets Family Of 9 Ablaze, Reveal Reasons Behind His Action


Deji Adenuga, the suspected murderer who set ablaze 9 members of his estranged girlfriend’s family in Igbodigo, Ondo State, has stated that he has no regrets do it.

The 45- year-old suspect, after being arrested, confessed to the crime, saying he burnt the house where the parents of his wife lived and killed eight persons.

The suspect was one of the ex -convicts that escaped from Olokuta Prison after a jail break in 2013.

According to him, he had in 2003, killed his first wife after she allegedly went away with N450, 000 belonging to him.

On why he took the decision to burn the family of his wife to death, he said his wife aborted his 4-month pregnancy and took away some of his personal belongings to her parent’s house.

His words: “I have no regret killing them because when they did their own nobody punished them. I took the decision to set their house ablaze when it became clear that my wife had moved to her parent’s house with some of my belongings.

We had little altercations at home and she moved out of the house.

I was the one paying their house rent and I was also responsible for their day-to -day living.

I am a palm wine tapper and I always live up to expectation both at home and at my in-law’s house.

My wife’s parent always asked for money from me and food stuffs and I always oblige”. Adenuga said he waited for months thinking that the family will rescind their decision but to no avail.

According to him: “I also reported the matter to the Police but they did not take any action.

I therefore decided to set their house ablaze for my belongings in their custody to be destroyed but they were also burnt.” He said he was ready to face the consequences of his action.

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