Victims Of Ethiopian Airline Crash

Ethiopian Airline crash

Ethiopian Airlines in a press conference held at the Airlines Headquarters regarding the Airlines plane that crashed shortly after takeoff en route
Nairobi from Addis Ababa, has released nationalities of the victims of crash.

The Airlines Group CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam who visited the scene shortly after, confirmed that there are no survivors and the
victims were of 35 Nationalities, which comprises 149 passengers and 8 crew, with no survivors.

The plane crashed six minutes after take off.

The Group CEO Gebremariam who was at the site of crash, remarked,” It is too early to speculate the cause of the accident and
further investigation will be carried out to find out the cause of the accident in collaboration with all stakeholders including the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority and other international entities to maintain the international

Information will be provided once the cause is identified.

The Airlines promises to provide all necessary support to the families of the victims.

A senior captain named Yared Getachew with a cumulative flight hour of more than 8000
and with a commendable performance was commanding the flight along with first officer
Ahmed Nur Mohammod Nur who had a flight hour of 200.

The crashed B-737-800MAX airplane flew back to Addis from Johannesburg this morning
to its yet another flight bound to Nairobi underwent a rigorous first check maintenance in February 04,2019.

Ethiopian Airlines Group expresses its profound sorrow and deepest condolences to the
families of the victims and their loved ones on the tragic plane accident.

Ethiopian Airlines will release further information as soon as it is available.

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