Simi and Adekunle Gold are getting married.

Nigerians like party jollof rice and they do not hide it, but it appears people are tilting to being prudent with their wedding expenses.

After popular musicians, Adekunle Gold and Simi announced that they would be getting married on Wednesday and Thursday social networks sparked up with comments on the celebrities decision.

First, some admire their ability to hide their relationship from public scrutiny while others are particular about the number of guests.

No one on Twitter appears to be at the weeding and people are asking for photos.

For a wedding that is holding in a mega city like Lagos with over 20 million residents, only 300 guests will be attending.

‘Not A Concert’

Ah Ah! Are they stingy or what?

They will hold a concert and sell tickers to thousands of Lagos residents and now their wedding is for only 300 persons? some social network users queried.

Comments have continued to pour in, with majority emphasising that a wedding is not a concert.

People expressed delight in having that kind of party, but Nigerians love party and whether many of them will truly consider the cost of holding their wedding with few guests, is something that would be seen in future.

Or is Buhari regime also forcing people to adjust their belt?

Here are some of the tweets that have trailed the trend: Simi.

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