Charlie Boy’s Farewell Message To Late President Shehu Shagari

Late Shehu Shagari


Thank you for everything, I wish you eternal rest, u deserve it. U don try. U don’t belong in this shit hole.

As you officially join the league of ancestors; Please if you see Tafawa Balewa, tell him that his sons are carrying guns against Nigerian state.

Tell Yar’Adua that the amnesty he granted is now business oriented for the privilege few; causing wahala.

Please if u see Ojukwu, tell him that his brothers and sisters are expecting another program.

Tell Awolowo that Nigeria is now more divided and preparing for another war.

Tell Nnamdi Azikiwe that those things that made him cross the ocean 100 times seeking for peace are coming again.

Obviously you will not see Abacha, but if u see anyone that see’s
him, pls tell him that Almustapha his main man is out of kirikiri prison; tell him that even Obasanjo came out of prison and became President. Please try and see Baba Fela, biko tell him that we are no longer suffering and smiling, we are suffering and dropping dead daily.

Tell MKO Abiola that another June
12 is looming and his kinsmen no longer speak with one voice.

I know you will see my father, Justice Oputa, tell him am holding ground and that I miss him, tell him not to worry about me. But don’t forget to remind him that justice can no longer be found in Nigeria it’s for the highest bidder.

Tell Gani Fawehemi Senior Advocate of the Masses, that corruption is now official; tell him that even prosecution and conviction of Politicians who are looting the country dry is selective. Tell him that Mike Ezekome now defends known treasury looters. Kai

Please don’t fail to tell CHINUE ACHEBE not to be disappointed in Nigeria, it’s just that since he left to join the league of ancestors, THINGS FALL APART, Nigeria is NO LONGER AT EASE and the ARROW OF GOD is now pointing seriously at Nigeria because of THE TROUBLE IN NIGERIA, even though we’ve had MAN OF THE PEOPLE like you, but when we cast our minds back to the good old days, indeed we remember THERE WAS A COUNTRY…

Charlie Boy

As you join the league of ancestors, SHAGARI rest in peace…

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