Man Brutally beats Wife, Says He Has Rights To Do So


Unidentified man who was arrested after beating his wife with a deep cut inflicted on her forehead says he has rights to beat his wife.

Moses Nnaekpe, a Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant, who shared the photos and video wrote:

“I was coming home this evening and I stumbled on this woman that was beaten by her husband. I took her to the husband to find out what happened, he told me it’s none of my business that he has the right to beat her.

I quickly sent her for treatment and got the idiot arrested.

Every home has its challenge, but we must not result to this. If this guy isn’t tamed now, he may kill this woman one day. #ReportDomesticViolence

The violent husband was arrested last Friday, and has been in cell. The victim on Sunday made an appeal for his release but asked that he is made to sign an undertaken stating tha the will never beat her again.

Watch video of his interview with the victim today, in which she agreed to settle the matter within the family.

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