Why 300 Level ABU Student Committed Suicide

300 Level student in ABU Aisha Omolola committed suicide

A 300 Level student in ABU identified as Aisha Omolola,took her own life by drinking an insecticide known as “Sniper” in her apartment at Samaru.

She left a letter attached to her body blaming her parents and bidding farewell to her friends and other loved ones.

Suicide should never be the answer. She killed herself on Boxing Day, Suffering from depression.


“Just like I said, if I am no more, please hold my family, especially my mom and dad, responsible. I have tried to be the best I can be, stayed away from them, just because they blame me for their mistakes, and they can’t love, help and take care of me like their very own.

“My mom has made life a living hell for me only because she is bipolar and frustrated, accusing me of being a witch, trying to kill her, and being a cursed child, even though my brother is responsible for my education and upkeep. The only thing she helps me with is my feeding money.

“I have gone out of my way to take care of my mom by giving her food and money but I still end up being her problem. My brother can’t stick to his promise anymore coz he feels I am not his responsibility and I have my own family.

“I hope and believe that now I am gone, it will bring them relieve (sic) and happiness.

“I am so sorry Collins. I had to leave you this way. Maryam Olayemi Yusuf you have been more than a bestie to me. I am also sorry to all friends and well-wishers. I look happy but I am nothing but a broken child. I don’t believe in God anymore coz I can’t see my purpose anymore. I love you all so much.

Phone Password ==>
ATM PIN => Amount: 12K

Please bury me immediately I am found dead
Love you!

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