Craziest Pre-Wedding Photo

Craziest Pre Wedding Photo

Reactions have continued to trail a trending pre wedding photography, of unidentified couple who were completely naked and tagged as the craziest photo so far on social media.

Many questions are being asked without immediate answers.

Its so sad that pre wedding photographs are gradually becoming an eyesore.

How long will this marriage last? is the most asked question.

How will the couple explain their nudity to their children?

While some believe the end is near as people these days tend to do very crazy things which are just out of place, others feel no big deal being nude.

Another group of people believe the pre wedding photos are a waste of time and money.

For some others, pre weddings is the time couple try to know each other better ,they go out spend time together, create memories and cherish moments.

But with this new trend of Pre-wedding photoshoots wondering if it guarantees ones success in marriage.

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