Traditional Cure For Asthma

tawa tawa leaf

Does Alternative Asthma Treatment Work?

A number of people with asthma seek an alternative treatment to enhance control of their asthma symptoms, which sadly has claimed so many precious lives.

The orthodox medicine has tried its best in the managing of the disease . But we have only been managing it.

These days, the Africa man is returning to it’s root…. The natural herbs.

Today I’m glad to announce to you that asthma can be treated through the plant in the picture.

It is called tawa tawa as its botanical name.

Yorubas calls it ewe Emile. It’s a weed but very powerful in healing of asthma, cancer as well as infection.

How To Use.

Get the fresh leaves.. crush to make tea or special stew.

Take it thrice in a week for three months non stop.

But before you head to your local natural food store or herbal supplement aisle though, be sure that the natural remedy you’re considering is not only effective, but safe.

Best of luck. Ikeoluwa herbalism.

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