Ehi’s Daughter Again Accuses Billionaire Husband Of Being Occultic

 Ehi Ogbehor and billionaire husband Ken Bramor

Ehi Ogbehor, a popular Nigerian interior decorator, who called out to her billionaire husband Ken Bramor few months ago for allegedly being occultic after which she apologized, is back again, threatening that, if anything happens to her nor her child on drips at the hospital, the husband should be held responsible.

Ehi Ogbehor who said that she doesn’t care if Ken Bramor marries 100 women, stated that he should be held responsible if anything happens to her or her child.

Read her post below;

‘Some pple don’t get the point ….. I don’t give a damn if Chief Ken marries a 100 women …. the point is I will speak out for the wickedness he showed I and my child…. what sort of a FATHER would see this video of his child in ICU and not fly to come see her …. my child was in icu fighting for her life for 6 DAYS and the so called father only called on the 1st day … I CALLED TIRELESSLY AND HE DDNT PICK EVEN AFTER WE LEFT THE HOSPITAL…and since then he has been running away from cin the face of IBUERE… NO CHILD DEDICATION … NO NAMING CEREMONY WHICH IS HER FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT….. THE DAY MY DAUGHTER SAW HER FATHER IN BENIN FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR JUST 30MINS After 5 months ….SHE FOUGHT AND CRIED IN HER SLEEP FOR A WEEK AND EMANCIATED ….THIS same man ddnt call when I was in labour … 3 months ago I was termed a husband snatcher but less than 5 months after my marriage packed up he is engaged to another that tells u the entire marriage was a cheating spree….KEN DOG BRAMOR I won’t be intimidated … if he has money it’s for his pocket… IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO I OR MY CHILD KEN IS RESPONSIBLE ….JUST HAD TO LET THIS OUT …nobody needs to go thru this ever…. I will speak up for the helpless and use my platform to warn people out there… Evil men are real….. blood suckers…. destiny stealers…. serial husbands… marrying yearly to steal destinies… I rebuke you … you met the wrong chick this time … AM GOD’S OWN’

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