Immunize Your Children Against Polio: WHO Tells Parents


The world health organisation is urging parents in the Federal Capital Territory FCT to ensure that each child under the ages of five are immunized against Polio which is fatal, and could result in permanent disability or death.

Poliomyelitis virus, is spread through contaminated food water, or contact with an infected person.

There’s no cure for polio infection, but it can be prevented by vaccination.

Many people who are infected with the poliovirus don’t become sick and have no symptoms.

However, those who do become ill develop paralysis, which can sometimes be fatal

Ruga new engineering community, is one of the communities in the FCT visited by the WHO team to ensure that children are immunized against polio virus.

The team headed by Idingomofon Essien, and supported by Hauwa Abdullahi and Mujanatu Usman went around the community ensuring children under the age of five were immunized against Polio.

In total 101,194 children for the 12 wards were vaccinated in AMAC on day 1

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