Fake Mad Woman Confesses Selling Used Sanitary Pads To Ritualists

Woman sells used pads to ritualists

An unidentified woman who allegedly disguised as a mad woman and sells used sanitary pads to suspected ritualists – was nabbed by residents after suspecting her movements.

It was gathered that the woman was caught picking used children pampers and women sanitary pads along the road.

According to Henry Chidon, a Facebook user from Enugu state who shared the report, the woman had been living in their street for many years as the residents thought she’s really mad and didn’t know what she was doing until she was seen picking the awkward items.

When she was caught, the woman begged for her life as she made some shocking confessions while being interrogated by the residents.

In a trending video posted online, the woman confessed that she picks the used pampers and sanitary pads which she sells to an unknown group of men.

She said when ever they come with their vehicle, she loads the bag of items she has already picked in their booth before she is paid.

She also confessed that she has given the unidentified men many bags of the used items during the course of the business.

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