Former Nigerian President Rumoured Dead Is Alive

Ernest Sonekan, Former Interim President alive

Chief Ernest Sonekan, a former Head of National Interim Nigerian President,who was reportedly dead in some media is alive and healthy.

Ogun state government confirms that the former Head Of The Interim National Government, is alive.

The governor through his spokesman said he spoke with the elder statesman minutes ago.

“People should disregard rumours of his death”, he stated.

Also Mrs. Basirat Umar-Shonekan, one of the daughters of Chief Shonekan debunked the rumoured death of her father.

In a chat, she declared that her father is still hale and hearty as at the time of speaking.

The Nigerian-born Canadian Naval Accountant further explained that she learnt about her father’s death through a Facebook report which compelled her to make phone calls across to Nigeria to authenticate the incident.

Basirat, who later made an internet call to one of her close family friend in Nigeria, Idir Abu, further explained that the entire Shonekan family was highly embarrassed by the internet news.

“To be frank with you, all of us too were very embarrassed by the Facebook report and I had to hurriedly call Nigeria. Although Baba is suffering from sickness usually associated with old age, but I can tell you that my dad is fine”, Basirat said.

Mrs. Umar-Shonekan further said that the Ernerst Shonekan’s first born was still with their father in the family’s Lagos house.

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