Reactions Trail Marriage Between 39 Years Old Lady To 19 Years Boy (Photos)


People will always talk whether good or bad. This time the are talking about the 39 years old lady who recently got married to her 19 years old lover with 20 years old difference.

Although this story has not been verified by #maymaygist but some people are doubting others are wondering what must have prompted the union.

The following are their reactions.

Orianne Ono on Facebook wrote

Fab. Enjoy your union. Men have been marrying women decades younger than them since time immemorial. And they don’t even aspire to show romance like the lady in the picture, observe the hand washing with love folks. For the naysayers, go and look for your own toy boy.?

Princess Nekky Ugo

Wrote: its not true

Lucky Chi Reggie-Chigboh

This woman just dey use that small boy destiny play ludo…she should kontinu????

More pictures

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