Why Nigeria Is Not Great At 58: Pastor Kumuyi

Nigeria at 58

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church Worldwide, said Nigeria had been unable to march its development with inherent possibilities because of the people’s failure to either harness or utilise the nation’s diversity for their collective greatness.

Pastor William Kumuyi

He said that Nigeria was endowed with resourceful citizens who could drive the nation to envious heights. However, he regretted that contentions and divisions had deprived the citizens of personal and national greatness in times past.

Kumuyi stressed that Nigeria would be on the path to greatness if citizens were united and there was a harmonious coordination of the nation’s diversities.

He said: “No doubt, our nation, like the Corinthian church, is endowed with highly resourceful citizens by the Almighty God.

“Selfless and committed to our national development, we could easily become the envy of many nations but our national development has not matched our great possibilities like Corinth.

“Each one has an important part to play in the development of the nation.

“In the nation, mutual support and encouragement, sincere recognition and involvement of all well-meaning and qualified citizens are necessary to avoid wastage of lives and resources.

“We can and we must put the past behind us to build a great nation for the present and the coming generations.

“Interdependent, interconnected, interrelated, we are on our way to national greatness: we are unstoppable.”

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