Gambia Wins In Akwaaba Jollofrice War 2018

Mrs. Ida Cham, CEO Yabouy Home Cooking, The Gambia.

Gambia’s Jollof rice proudly ranked over Ghanaian’s Jollof rice in 2018 competition held at the Akwaaba Travel Market, which was selected
based on presentation, aroma and taste.

The Gambia Tourism Board nominated Mrs. Ida Cham of Yabouy Home cooking to represent them.

The Culinary Tourism Contest featured representatives from three West African Countries of Nigeria, Ghana and The Gambia.

Last year 25 chefs from Ghana and Nigeria participated in the first #jollofricewar contest in which Gambia pulled out.

Recently,its been a major argument on which country prepares the best Jollof rice between Ghana and Nigeria, even though the origin of Jollof rice was traced to Senegal, as it is a common dishes in West Africa.

The National Council of Arts and Culture represented Nigerians food Culture at the Nigerian day at Akwaaba.

According to the director general Otunba Segun Runsewe, Nigerians need to project their rich culture in different manners.

“Our very rich Cuisine is worthy of global acclaim. Showcasing Nigerian culture to the World is the template we want to use to make the world fall in love with Nigeria and its rich culture,” Runsewe said.

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