Emerging Blindness In Yobe Due To Wrong Packaged CHOLORHEXIDINE Drops

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A wrongly packaged CHOLORHEXIDINE drops designed for neonatal umblical cord care is being distributed to mothers, packaged wrongly in form of an eyedrop which the naive and less educated mothers are instilling in the eyes of their children, who are vulnerable to ophthalmia neonatorum.

The effect of such instillation is CORNEAL ULCERATION AND MELTING resulting in irreversible blindness!

So far, we have seen three cases, two from Ngelzarma and one from Machina.

Attention of Dr Ashiru, Consultant Paediatrician, was drawn and he had so far made tremendous efforts at reaching the relevant authourities for retrieval of the distributed drops and creating public awareness to the vulnerable public.

We solicit that you do your BEST to help in dessiminating this information and educating the public.

Childhood blindness is more burdensome than adult blindness for the much more blind-years that those children have to live!

Save the EYES of our FUTURE leaders!

Dr Adamu Abdullahi, Ophthalmologist

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