Nigerian Businessman Killed In South Africa

Nigerian businessman killed in South Africa

The gang war ongoing between Nigerians in South Africa, has claimed another life of a businessman shot dead on Sunday, along Esselen Street, in Pretoria area, South Africa.

This is coming a day after a Nigerian man identified as Williams a.k.a Willie, was killed by unknown gunmen. Willie was murdered on Saturday, August 25th, by fellow Nigerians following the war going on between Nigerians in the country.

The deceased was killed by suspected cultists/thugs on Saturday in Gezina area of Pretoria, South Africa, hours after going to a club to relax with his friends.

It is reported that several Nigerians have lost their lives in South Africa following similar war caused by drug dealings, cultism and internet fraud otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

A video footage trending online shows the moment after the attack (with injured people on the ground) as people gathered at the scene before the arrival of the police.

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