Groom Marries Sick Bride And Watches Her Die

Groom Marries Sick Bride And Watches Her Die

A groom who got married to his beautiful bride who apparently had 18 hours to live as a result of an ailment, has now spoken of his devastation.

Now, seven months on, Dave has bravely spoken out about his and Heather’s wedding day and the devastating hours that followed.

The wedding was torture for me,” he told Mirror Online.

Dave Mosher, 35, married Heather Lindsay Mosher, 31, with the knowledge that those were her final moments. He watched her smile as she lay on her sick bed and threw up her arms into the air triumphantly after they exchanged their vows. But beneath his smile was a feeling of “torture” for he knew she has only a short while to live.

“Here I am – I’m in the final hours. I was a wreck throughout the service. We had to stop several times because Heather couldn’t breathe. We then went back to her hospital room for the reception.

18 hours later, Dave held the hands of his new wife as she breathed her last following a year-long cancer battle.

Heather had been battling an aggressive type of breast cancer, known as triple negative breast cancer, for a year when she died.

“On one side of the room we have food and cake and pictures – and on the other side of the room we have Heather who is hours away from dying.

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