Brothers Who Died In Gum Production Factory Buried In Arochukwu Abia

Richard and Monday who died inhaling toxic chemical in the gum production factory

The two brothers, 18-year-old Richard and 25-year-old Monday who allegedly inhaled toxic chemical in the gum production factory which led to their death, were laid to rest over the weekend amid tears at their hometown in Ihechiowa, Arochukwu area of Abia state.

It was gathered that the two brothers, 18 and 25 year old respectively inhaled a toxic chemical in the gum production factory where they had worked for many years, which led to their deaths.

According to their heartbroken sister, Helen Daberechi Abel, the duo may have been killed by those who do not wish the family well.

Helen on June 30 took to her Facebook wall to write: “ They try to kill my mum but did not succeed. They try killing my elder brother but God intervene, they try killing me and my elder sister but God deliver us, they try killing Gideon but God save him.

Today they have succeeded”.

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