Soldiers Involved In Shooting Mothers, Children Identified (Watch Video )


The group of African soldiers who shot dead some mothers, along side their kids dead at close range have been identified, with the gory video trending on the social media, described as injustice and wickedness.

The horrifying footage allegedly showing Cameroon militia executing women and children emerged on line, sparking an Amnesty International investigation.

The disturbing clip shows two females, both with very young kids, being blindfolded and shot dead after they are accused of being part of the Boko Haram terror group.

Although Cameroon’s leaders has denied its soldiers appear in the sick footage and called it “fake news”.

The authenticity of the video has not been verified and it is unclear when the footage was filmed.

It comes as Cameroon combats Boko Haram extremists in the north along the Nigerian border and Anglophone separatists in parts of the west.

The graphic video has been slammed by human rights organisations.

Amnesty International has vowed to investigate after saying it has “gathered credible evidence that it was Cameroonian soldiers depicted in a video carrying out the horrific extrajudicial executions of the women and young children.”

Cameroon president Paul Biya has ordered an investigation, but his government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary has denied its contents.

One of the soldiers is shown slapping one of the victims in the face, before saying: “You are BH, you are going to die.”

The squaddies appear to shoot them as other civilians watch.

One of the uniformed men says in French that it is a heavy burden executing people but they don’t have another option.

Bakary said the camouflage uniforms in the video were faked with the intention of destroying its reputation.

“The weapons displayed by the alleged soldiers presented in the video are not those used by the Cameroonian army in this area of operation.”

But Amnesty International said analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms, along with witness testimonies, “all strongly suggest that the perpetrators of the executions are Cameroonian soldiers.”

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