Driver Vomits Blood To Death On Steering.


A driver of Anambra State Transport Company, TRACAS has bled to death.

According to it’s passengers, they were travelling from Ekwulobia to UNIZIK temporary site, Awka, the driver was very healthy, and lively, communicating with the passengers. Reaching By Pass junction, along Enugu Agidi Rd, Amawbia, the said driver started bleeding from the mouth and nose, White mucous and foams were seen coming out from his mouth, but were now mixed with blood.

With the help of the passenger in the front sit, the bus was put to a halt. He bled for few mins and died immediately.

His body and cheek shrink immediately.

The passengers ran away through any possible exit in the bus.

“He is indeed a jovial man. He quarreled with some of us because of change. We exchanged words after which he diverted the quarrel to joke. He was healthy. We never expect something like this” one of the passengers said.

People have been rumouring that it is food poisoning, but the cause of his death is yet to be ascertained.

Sympathisers were seen around the bus in shock, some were crying for the painful death.

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