Cockroaches Very Rich In Protein


Cockroaches are alleged very rich protein. And people are therefore urged to eat as many as possible.

In China, people rear cockroaches. They call themselves, roach farmers.

Chinese pharmacists, through CNN, reported that cockroaches have about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.
They said, milk from cockroaches is important for growth and development.

Also an international team of scientists from the US, Japan, Canada, France, and India say that the milk protein crystals found in cockroaches are, in fact, a “fantastic” protein supplement.

The idea for the research began a decade ago when Nathan Coussens, a young researcher at the University of Iowa, noticed shiny crystals spilling out of a roach’s gut.

He just had to learn more—and who could blame him? We were sold immediately upon hearing that roaches even have a gut, let alone crystals growing from said gut.

Now, ten years later, the researchers have succeeded in sequencing the genes of the milk protein crystals produced by Diploptera punctata. That’s the only known type of cockroach that actually gives birth to live young.

The milk they produce is to dairy what a 5-Hour Energy is to a cup of tepid tea.

A single crystal of the roach-y milk has three times the energy of an equal amount of buffalo milk.

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