Men Sentenced To Death For Stripping Woman Naked Over Provocative Dressing .


Three men, Edward Gitau, Nicholas Mwangi and Meshak Mwangi,has been sentenced to death for stripping and sexually assaulting a woman they believed was dressed provocatively.

However Kenya’s ban on carrying out executions means the trio will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

A Kenyan court who the verdict capped a case that prompted hundreds to march through the capital Nairobi in short, fitted clothing in 2014, calling for an end to violence against women after a video of the attack was made public.

“We are equal, but it is equally important to respect the dignity of a woman,” chief magistrate Francis Andayi said as he handed out the sentences. “This is what many uncultured men do out there,” he added.

The assault at a petrol station on Nairobi’s outskirts, in which the victim was stripped, sexually assaulted and had her phone and cash stolen by a violent mob, was captured on camera and widely circulated on social media.

It was part of a rash of assaults against women and led activists mobilised under the hash tag #MyDressMyChoice to demonstrate.

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