Police Investigate Death Of 9-Year-Old Girl Killed From Wall Collapse.

The victim was alleged  sent to a commercial borehole to fetch water when  the four feet high wall erected to support the water pipes collapsed on her as she bent to scoop water from a bowl.
Distraught mother of the deceased, Reginald Eseiwi accused the landlord and operator of the borehole, one Mr Osawa Edigin of negligence as the wall has allegedly been in bad condition.
Speaking to newsmen, she said that residents of the area have made several complaints about the state of the borehole.
Meanwhile, angry youths including members of the deceased girl’s family stormed the building where the borehole is located and destroyed everything in sight.
Spokesperson for the Edo State Police Command, DSP Moses Nkombe, who confirmed the incident said the landlord and operator has been arrested, adding that they are investigating possible negligence that led to the death of the young girl.

DSP Nkombo also said that three members of the bereaved family were arrested for alleged malicious damage to Mr Edigin.

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