Audu Ogbeh Raises Alarm Over Low Quality Rice About Entering Nigeria.


The minister of agriculture Audu Ogbeh has raised an alarm that eight ships filled with low quality rice are being imported to Nigeria from Singapore.

Ogbeh who raised the alarm at the mid-term town-hall meeting of the federal government in Abuja said the ship are currently heading to Nigeria.

Ogbeh said: “Information reaching us indicates that 8 ships loaded with low quality rice are heading to Benin Republic to enter Nigeria, but we are waiting for them.”

He said the federal government would not allow the importation of sub-standard rice or any other good into Nigeria anymore and stated that the current administration has made progress in curbing the importation of low quality rice into Nigeria.

According to him, the importation of rice into Nigeria reduced from 580,000 tonnes in 2015 to 58,000 tonnes in 2016.

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