Rottweiler In Police Custody For Mauling Man To Death And Eating The Body.


Police looked on in horror after a rottweiler stood guard over a man – after mauling him to death and eating his body.

Farm caretaker Mani Ram was untying the guard dog called Tiger after arriving at work when it turned on him.

The violent animal locked its jaws around the 52-year-old’s throat and ‘choked him to death’ before he was able to break loose.

According to eye witnesses the dog didn’t stop there and went on to ‘maul his face and feast on the flesh from Mani Ram’s hands and chest for more than an hour’.

A shocking video shows his dead body lying in a courtyard at the farm in Panipat, Haryana, India, guarded by the barking dog.

Police can be seen watching in horror but too scared to get any closer, before locals armed with sticks and rocks finally get the dog to leave.

Even after the police finally removed the body, it took them four hours to finally catch the three-year-old dog which is now in police custody.

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