Not Compulsory For President Buhari To Preside Over Every FEC Meeting: Lai Mohammed.


Nigerians have been advised not to misconstrue President Muhammadu Buhari’s absence from presiding over the Federal Executive Council meeting as non-performance or should calls for concern.

That is the assurance offered by the Minister of Information and Tourism, Lai Muhammad, who said that President Buhari has been performing his constitutional duties well from home.

“Mr President receives ambassadors, he does all he ought’s to do but the fact that he didn’t come for the Federal Executive Council meeting does not mean he is ill and anyway, there is no compulsion for him to preside over every FEC meeting,” Mr Mohammed said.

He pointed out that the President has been transparent about his health before now, and that he does not have to be physically present at the Federal Executive Council meetings before doing his job.

“I think the President has been quite transparent. The President has told you that he was ill a few month ago, he has come back and he is taking his time. It is not correct for you to say that you don’t see him at public functions – That’s not correct.

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